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Choose Your Reading


Melodic Insights - $66

Experience the magic of a personalized, Melodic Insight Reading , where I tap into the current energies surrounding you.

Through channeled songs, messages from Spirit are illuminated by the cards drawn in the session.

This unique and soulful reading is recorded and delivered straight to your inbox, providing a heart opening musical journey for encouragement on your path.

You will receive a pictur.e of the cards pulled as well as a recording of your reading within 72 hours in your inbox


No specific questions required — let the music speak to your soul.  


If you have specific questions and a live interactive reading, please book the "Heart to Heart" reading..


​This is great for you or as a gift! 

Tune into Your Truth - $222

Embark on a transformative journey with the Tune Into Your Truth Reading—an immersive, live, and online experience.


This session invites you to explore the depths of your truth, where cards are pulled, and a melodic tapestry of channeled messages weaves insights into the energies surrounding you.

You have the freedom to guide our exploration by asking specific questions or allowing the session to provide a general reading, tuning into the currents of the present moment.


As the cards unveil their wisdom, a personalized affirmation emerges—a musical mantra crafted to guide you. Repeat this affirmation over the recording provided, allowing the message to resonate and seamlessly integrate into your being.

At the end of our exploration, you'll receive a recorded keepsake—an audio reminder of the harmonies of your soul's revelations.


Immerse yourself in the Tune Into Your Truth Reading—an intimate blend of intuitive insights and personalized guidance.

Making a Heart

Harmonious Hearts - $333

This is a 1.5-hour Couples Reading.  It is a “live” interactive reading over Skype, FaceTime or WhatsApp.

  • I open the session with a mix of sound bowls and/or a centering exercise preparing the space for our reading together.

  • This can be a general reading of the energy currently surrounding you or you can ask up to 3 questions.

  • During your reading you will receive a personal affirmation to listen to or sing after. Repeating it over and over again over the music provided will assist you in integrating the message that comes through for you.

  • This session will be recorded and sent to you to refer to again at your convenience.

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