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Hi, my name is Katrina Blackstone aka The Singing Oracle. I am an international vocalist, intuitive, and voice activator. It would be my honor to help you to tap into and liberate your inner voice!


I am a vocalist with over a decade of tour experience and extensive time in recording studios. My years of experience enable me to help my clients discover and connect confidently with their voice and unique transmission.


As an intuitive, I help you to access guidance for your highest path by sharing heart-centered, channeled messages with music that encourage you to connect with the answers from your inner voice (higher self).

Like many, I've struggled with self-confidence, overthinking, and feelings of overwhelm my entire life. At a time in my life when things felt like they were falling apart; I felt stuck in repetitive cycles with my nervous system constantly on high alert.


It was then that I started diving deeper into personal development and discovered the vagus nerve. I was relieved to find that by using my voice I could help to regulate my nervous system.


As a singer, I had natural access to this tool for my entire life but I was just starting to discover the full range of its healing powers. This inspired me to learn somatic practices that combine the use of the body and the voice. These processes along with deep mindset work became a game changer.


Anyone who has known me for years has seen the exponential shift that has occurred within me since I started using these techniques regularly.

Even as a vocalist with all of the work I have done, I still deal with nervousness from time to time, especially when getting up in front of an audience. 

The difference? 

  • I now have tools.

  • I can get out of my head and into my body more easily.

  • I have access to my inner voice and am able to follow my inner guidance by feeling what is true in my body.

  • I feel empowered and liberated and I want to help you feel empowered and liberated too.

In my 'Sing Yourself Free' 1-1 Mentorship Program, I will teach you the different techniques and practices I've developed over many years. You will learn tools for strengthening your voice (for speaking or singing), regulating the nervous system, tapping into your inner voice guidance, and creating action steps to get you closer to your individual goals.


We all have unique healing codes in our voices that open portals within our bodies, specific to our own journey. In our 90 days together you will learn to embody your voice as a special healing tool that affects everything in your body...and ultimately your reality.


We are in a time of a significant shift on this planet. We are being called to awaken to our inner guidance and hear what our Soul wants us to step more powerfully into.


It's time to wake up to how we can create change in our outer world by tending to our inner world.

Tune in....are you ready to Sing Yourself Free?



"Katrina has a unique, natural ability to find the weak spot in your singing and fuel it with confidence.  Through her positive guidance and skilled instruction, I feel I have grown so much in such a short period of time.  She treats each voice with care and each soul with love.  I not only sing better, I feel like I'm living better."

 - Mick Thyer, Director / Writer / Actor.

Katrina is an amazing vocal coach. She hears everything, and always knows exactly what I need on a particular day. She’s extremely knowledgeable about the science and mechanics of the body and the voice, which gives her a wholistic approach to singing. I’ve learned and accomplished more with Katrina in a very short period of time, than I did in years with other teachers. I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to express themselves with their best most authentic voice.” Susan Simonson, Singer/Songwriter

“Transformative, powerful chills, insightful, contemplative, goosebumps, KB’s one of a kind style & soul was divine. It was exactly what I needed to hear in this present chaotic moment of consciousness. Divine confirmation of my path. Worth beyond every penny. Highly recommended!!!”
Namaste & big Mahalo, Drew H



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